Welcome to Electronics Service Labs,

    Since 1977 we have been providing Connecticut & Massachusetts residences and dealers with the highest level of repair service. We service and calibrate all components of your home audio/theater system - Receivers, Amplifiers, Pre-amps, Tuners, Cassette Decks, CD players, Turntables, Reel to Reel, VCRs, DVDs {Sorry NO TVs or Car Audio}.

  Because we are just a service center we will not pressure you to replace your unit. We will perform a preliminary diagnostic test to determine what needs to be repaired, and if the repair exceeds $200, we will provide an estimated cost so you can decide whether to have the unit repaired or replaced. We offer carry in service or shipped in repairs. All repairs being shipped in must be preauthorized to send in for service. You must email Jeffrey at ra@eslabs.com with the make, model, serial number, complant and all your information and he will email you back the Return Authorization Form. Make sure you read all Packing instructions. All repairs get Bench-Tested, Cleaned and Listened To so there is a minimum 1 hour labor charge on all non-warranty repairs.

  Thank You for your time visiting E. S. Labs.


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