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OUR Special $9.95 Idler Tire

This black rubber dime size ring could be the solution for your cassette deck's problems!!  It's a real easy fix!


The FAILURE SYMPTOMS, that are cured with OUR idler tire replacement, are premature auto-stopping, no or poor fast forward and rewind or excessive transport noise.

The SOLUTION is OUR IMPROVED idler tire.  It is unlike ANY others being sold, by ANYONE, anywhere in the world!  Using my 33 years of experience servicing Nakamichi cassette decks, we developed this unique part and had it manufactured, to exact specifications, using improved materials.  This Nakamichi idler tire is VERY reliable and that's why we can give a 5 year warranty!  YOU can repair the most common failure, found in most Nakamichi cassette decks, by following OUR simple do-it-yourself replacement instructions.  This applies to the model numbers that start with BX, MR, CR-5 or CR-7.  Although it is also used in the RX-202, it would require much more skill to change. 

**NOTE!  We also have the replacement idler tires for ALL the other Nakamichi models.  The replacement idler tires for the DRAGON, LX-3, LX-5, RX-303, RX-505, ZX-7, ZX-9, 480, 480Z, 481, 481Z, 482, 482Z, 580, 580M, 581, 581Z, 582, 582Z, 660ZX, 670ZX, 680, 680ZX, 700ZXE, 700ZXL, 1000ZXL and the 1000ZXL LIMITED are also $9.95.  Just specify the model number when ordering any tire.  Because of their complicity, we do not offer installation instructions for these models.  Please refer to their service manual.  

It's GUARANTEED to work or your money back!!  (excluding the shipping & handling)  We have sold thousands of these improved idler tires without a performance complaint! Be sure to save a printed copy of your payment receipt because it comes with a FIVE(5) year replacement warranty, excluding the S&H. 

The SHIPPING & HANDLING is only $3.00 via FIRST CLASS MAIL, worldwide, no matter how many you order.  Insurance and alternate shipping methods are available upon request.  PAYMENT by PayPal is preferred, but we will accept most other methods.

  TECHNICAL SUPPORT, for it's installation, is FREE! But, only to our customers!  I'm sorry, but I have been receiving too many distress calls, requesting help, from people that didn't purchase our custom designed idler tire.  Foolishly they purchased a different one that has no guaranty or support.  Our customers can contact me, Jeff Galin, by e-mail at or call (860)529-3700.

We, ELECTRONICS SERVICE LABSare Nakamichi's most recommended expert factory authorized service center, WORLDWIDE!